We are friction hunters

Eliminate Friction

We eliminate friction from your employee experience. We are friction hunters: highly inquisitive, critical, people-sensitive, and data-driven investigators who are responsible for chasing down corporate processes that are no longer relevant or can be automated.

We have a natural itch for badly designed employee experiences. We can’t help ourselves and need to scratch it. We will bluntly point it out (we are Dutch) and help to fix it.


Chase it

Learn how your customer interacts with your employees.  How are your employees using the tools to help customers? Question every process and step!

Chase friction:
hunt it and record it!


Eliminate it

Look at each step in your processes and why you are doing them. What would happen if you didn’t do them?

Eliminate friction:
remove it and banish it!


Automate it

You really need those processes and steps? They are valuable to your business? Then make them efficient so that your business can scale.

Automate value:
simplify and streamline!

Start the chase!
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