Who is the target audience for Power Pages

by Nov 17, 2022

Power Pages is slowly getting better and better product.

But then I look at the pricing page: https://powerpages.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/

Who is the target audience for this product?

If you need something ‘quick and dirty’ it is nice to have a website up and running within minutes.


Starting with the Pay-as-you plan seems the most logical then. The prices are:

  • $4/month for each user (can log in)
  • $0.30/month for every other visitor

But if your website is starting to gain more traction, you feel this immediately in your pocket.

Once you reach 50 users or more than 250 visitors, the subscription plans are cheaper:

  • $200/month for each 100 users
  • $75/month subscription for each 500 visitors


Competitors like Wix, Editor X, Squarespace and WordPress are normally priced in the $10-$50 range.

This means above 15 users or 175 visitors on a Power Pages website, it becomes interesting to have a look at other solutions. This is not a lot of wiggle space.

Who do you think is the target audience for Power Pages?

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