🐳 Docker is 10-year-old and I never used it. 🀷

by May 9, 2023

🐳 Docker is 10-year-old and I never used it. 🀷

I am a software architect, but I never feel the pain that Docker tries to fix. Why? 🧐

Because of:
– ☁️ cloud services (PaaS & SaaS)
– πŸ“¦ package management (NuGet, npm)
– πŸ—οΈ build automation
– ☁️ hosted development environments

I haven’t used VM’s for the last 6 years, only in edge cases. Embracing the cloud means you don’t need to manage the OS or VM’s yourself anymore. Docker containers have clear benefits above VM’s, but I am not on the VM bandwagon anymore. 🚫

Also, when I moved to the cloud, I focused on SaaS and PaaS, not IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). This simplifies the complexity and decencies of solutions a lot. πŸ”„

We no longer need to install and setup external decencies like SQL Server. Spin up an Azure SQL Database (= as a service) and add the Connection String to the app and be done with it. Also, for local development I use the same cloud services. 🌐

At the same time package managers were getting traction, like NuGet and npm. This simplified working with dependencies within solutions. πŸ“š

Build Servers are powerful now a days. Automating builds and deployments, including its environment configuration, has never been easier. This eliminates a lot of human errors. πŸ€–

And now cloud hosted development environments, like GitHub Codespaces, are gaining traction. This technology makes sure you have all the tools you need to develop solutions. πŸ”§

Further my own philosophy is to keep solutions as simple as possible for building it and maintaining. Every added dependency should have enough merit to counter the added complexity. 🧠

Docker is also a dependency and adds complexity. You need to install it and learn how it works. When my only dependency is dotnet, I prefer to install dotnet instead of Docker and let the zip file be the ‘container’ of my app. πŸ“‚

Do you use Docker? Which problem did it solve for you? πŸ’‘


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