Svelte and htmx: A glimpse into the future?

by Aug 1, 2023

In my journey, I’ve wrestled with Angular, tangoed with Vue and flirted with React.

But here’s the catch: 😬 You’ve got to fully commit and cross your fingers that your prized framework doesn’t succumb to the allure of the next shiny tech star.

Enter, Svelte 🚀 An different approach that’s causing quite the stir. A rising star, perhaps?

And let’s not forget htmx!

🔄 htmx is stirring up the status quo, harking back to the golden age of hypermedia in HTML and extending it even further.

One of its winning features of htmx? 🕹️Flexibility. It doesn’t care which back-end tech you bring to the party. No feeling boxed in here!

In my book, htmx looks set to be the go-to for most new web apps.

So, let’s get talking: ⚖️ Svelte or htmx?

Or are you standing by your current framework, come rain or shine? 😎

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