20 years using Visual Studio. And then came Rider.

by Feb 5, 2024

20 years using Visual Studio. And then came Rider.

Picture this – you’ve been mastering Visual Studio for two long decades when a new contender strides onto the field. It’s Rider, the underdog here to challenge the reigning champ, and against all odds, it’s nailing it.

Three years in, I’m now a Rider convert for C# IDE.

To say this was unexpected is an understatement. The best IDE out there? Visual Studio, hands down. Yet, a month into the Rider – I was hooked.

So, what’s the secret sauce?

It’s all about UX. Sharp, intuitive, tailored for a C# developer – that’s Rider.

I still don’t understand how much Visual Studio can cramp into the right-click menu… Crazy!

The Git History view in Visual Studio? Clunky and complex. After Rider I can’t go back!

Code assistance that knocks others out of the park.

A newly launched UI, making things even more seamless.

Global Search? Faster, better!

Refactoring? Absolutely reliable!

Code navigation and investigation? A breeze!

Web development? Ride with Rider all the way.

Rider startup! Visual Studio had me twiddling my thumbs during the loading screen, meanwhile I could jump straight into my code with Rider.

And for my Linux and macOS comrades – C# IDE doesn’t get any smoother than Rider.

So, are you ready to try Rider?

p.s. As for VS Code, let’s clear one thing up – it’s not an IDE.


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