5 benefits of becoming a Dynamics 365 dev?

by Nov 16, 2023

5 benefits of becoming a Dynamics 365 dev?

I often try to persuade .NET devs to the dark side: Power Platform and Dynamics 365!

They look at me with gore and pain: “Why would I want to do that?”

I had the same reaction years ago.

What changed my perspective?

1️⃣ Specialize: .NET has its charms, but it’s common. What’s not common? Specialization. Dynamics 365 is that niche that can set you apart from the crowd and increase your income.

2️⃣ Creativity Unleashed: Tired of building CRUD forms and infrastructure repeatedly? With the Power Platform, you’re thrust into the exciting part – crafting unique, high-value solutions for your clients.

3️⃣ Agility Advantage: With infrastructure already in place, turn your concepts into reality at a breakneck pace. Engage directly with your client, iterating on the fly. That’s agile in action!

4️⃣ A Cut Above The Rest: Dynamics 365 developers are few, but .NET developers transitioning to Dynamics 365? Even fewer. This move catapults you into the top 5%, giving you a competitive edge.

5️⃣ You also an Azure dev: The Power Platform and Azure are a match made in developer heaven. Power Platform often needs to be extended using Azure. This is where you as Dynamics 365 dev come in. Cloud development and Power Platform go hand-in-hand.

Do you see the light just as I did?


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