5 reasons NOT to automate.

by Mar 27, 2024

5 reasons NOT to automate.

This might sound odd coming from me, a staunch advocate of automation.

However, beware!

If you’re handling a process for the first, second or third time, don’t rush to automate it immediately. Patience is key.


1️⃣ Automation works best on processes you have done many times. You already finetuned the process, which is a huge benefit when making the automation.

2️⃣ When you start to grow, pain points will pop up that could be unrelated to what you automated. You want to focus your time on the big pain points, not on minor tasks.

3️⃣ Before automating, meticulously craft a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Without it? Nope, don’t automate.

4️⃣ Automation can sometimes kill creativity. Fresh approaches and out-of-the-box thinking can only come from human minds. Keep some tasks manual to nurture that creative spirit.

5️⃣ Lastly, the approach you’re employing today may become outdated if your business pivots. Only automate the processes that adds value.

It’s a delicate balancing act, knowing when to automate and when to retain hands-on control. I’ve seen countless businesses automate too soon or in the wrong area, leading to wasted resources or even a dip in quality.

Be sagacious. Be patient. Analyse. Automate only when it adds tangible value to your business.

In essence, that’s the core belief of my company AutomateValue. It’s not just about automation. It’s about extracting value where it matters.

Unlocking the potential where it contributes!

Did I miss any reasons not to automate?


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