5 Tips for using an Email Bulk Sender

by Aug 15, 2022

1) Know Your Needs

There are differences in features between Bulk Email Sender. You have Bulk Email Senders that only do simple mass emails, then make sure the tool you buy doesn’t come with more features.

If you want to personalize your emails, email templates, send automated messages, /b testing capabilities and segment your list based on certain factors, then look for a Bulk Email Sender that offers the features that you want. Don’t pay for features you don’t need.

2) Keep an Eye on Your Unsubscribe Rate

If you have a high unsubscribe rate, then there is something wrong with the value that your emails are giving to your subscribers. The average is 0.5%.

3) Watch Out for the Spam Folder

This is even worse than a high unsubscribe rate. When your email goes to spam, not only does that mean that your recipient won’t read it, but your email deliverability could be at risk.

Make sure your mass messages avoid spam triggers and don’t schedule your emails too often.

4) Monitor Your Engagement Rates and Adjust as needed

Another thing that can hurt your deliverability is low engagement. Ideally, your open rate should be between 15-30%, and your click-through rate between 2-5%.

5) Use Automations

Depending on the Email Bulk Sender you choose, they often have some form of automation options. When you start these are usually overlooked, but these can save you a lot of time. The simpelst one is the start of a campaign when it is the birthday of a subscriber, but also think about when your customer buys his first product from you.

There are so many options to create automated engagements with your customer, use them!

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