An efficient government sounds great until it isn’t.

by Feb 13, 2024

An efficient government sounds great until it isn’t.

I lived in the Netherlands most of my live. It has one of the most efficient governments in the world.

Everything is digital and connected.

But is it also one of the best countries related to freedom? I used to think so.

Now a days I don’t think so.

A disadvantage of an efficient government is that they always find you. They can force their rules upon you. You have less freedom.

Everything is monitored, everything is validated against rulesets and models.

How can it go wrong?

See the Toeslagenaffaire scandal or the farmers losing their live hood because of nitro gas models in the Netherlands.

Once you are on the radar of the goverment you lose your freedom: no escape possible.

An inefficient government can be better for you. You are more anonymous. You can bend or escape the rules.

Corrupt government? Buy off the policeman, to escape the rules. Maybe not ok, but you have more freedom.

Real freedom can be worth more than a non-corrupt very efficient government.

What do you think?


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