by Feb 10, 2023

I’m reading about Shape Up. The agile methodology of Basecamp.

They have a unique way of thinking about estimates. They call it Appetite.

A stakeholder is asking for an estimation for an idea. The first thing you do is make a design to do the estimation.

An Appetite flips this concept. The stakeholder gives the time budget for an idea.

This means we don’t need to create a design beforehand. We do this when we implement the idea.

Because we have a time budget, we have a creative constraint on the design process. This is true agile: “Fixed time, variable scope”.

The only reason the stakeholder wants an estimate is to decide if the time is worth spending on the idea.

By setting the time up-front, the stakeholder is giving a clear sign of what the idea is worth to him.

Appetites: Interesting concept!

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