Decoding Git Branching: Less is More!

by Jul 6, 2023

Decoding Git Branching: Less is More!

Easy and powerful – that’s Git branching for me. I went on a journey with GitFlow branching strategy only to realize its complexity and pivoted to GitHub Flow.

Now I am even more extreme, with almost no branches, using Trunk-based development.

Reason? Branches aren’t free of cost. 💰

More branches = longer feedback loops, slowed code reviews and merges. 🔄 Result? Delayed integrations and slower deployments.

Too many branches clutter the codebase, hampering collaboration and comprehension. 🧠

Increased branches amplify the chances of conflicts, destabilizing your codebase. ⚠️

Start simple, with feature branches on the main branch. 🌳 But consider this – why create a branch for a feature that can be built in one day?

Git branching is valuable, but excessive use can hinder software development. Keep it focused and concise for better results. 🎯


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