Discover the secret to successful remote team bonding!

by Jan 15, 2024

Discover the secret to successful remote team bonding!

It’s not daily stand-up meetings.

Picture this: starting our week with a light, conversational meeting, where we swap tales from the weekend and lay out our plans for the week. It’s team building done right, without the hassle of rigid daily check-ins.

But where the real camaraderie shines?

That’s in the heart of 1-to-1 meetings!

Nothing beats working shoulder to shoulder, even if that’s screen to screen. Tackling a tricky feature, squashing a pesky bug, or even explaining a concept in pair programming – these shared battles create shared victories.

But we need tasks big enough to sink our teeth into.

The old way – assigning tasks to individuals to solve in their quiet corners – is a surefire way to kill team spirit. So, let’s flip the script and create tasks that demand collaboration.

Making this switch isn’t easy; but it’s the kind of challenge that transforms a group of individuals into a true team.

Are you a remote consultant? Try this trick – ask for regular 1-to-1 meetings with a colleague to chip in on a task. Don’t fall for the urge to find it out yourself.

We need more people willing to ask for help, rather than going down rabbit holes alone. So let’s empower each other – don’t be a lone wolf, be a team player. Ready to start?


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