Don’t put Tasks in your Calendar

by May 21, 2024

Don’t put Tasks in your Calendar

My calendar is a crucial tool in my daily life. I tried ways of planning my life.

One way was to plan everything. Even bringing my son to school, having lunch and dinner.

That was a mistake.

Every day I was re-scheduling tasks from the days before that I could not execute.

There was no room for ad-hoc priority meetings because my schedule was ‘planned’ with tasks.

I am a stay-at-home-dad with an 11-month-old daughter: you can’t schedule tasks.

You just go with the flow of your child. When she is sleeping, I can pick up the next task on the list.

Even lunch and dinner are not fixed in my household. So, having them planned on a specific time was stupid.

And I don’t need to be reminded to have lunch, dinner or to bring my son to school. I will do these things anyhow.

So don’t overschedule, keep room and space in your calendar.

Only put items in that you need to do at a specific time and that you need to be reminded of.

How do you plan you calendar?


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