Don’t use /> in HTML 🚫!

by Mar 7, 2024

Don’t use /> in HTML 🚫!

I always thought I needed to close HTML tags properly, even for tags like <br/>🏷️.

It was in the hype around 2000s when the idea was that XHTML was the future. I was one of the first to pick this up and try to make my web pages validate as XML🌐.

My blog was at that time, but it needed to be monitored closely because one mal typed character could fail the parsing💻.

Then for me and many others the realization came that the World Wide Web was so great, because HTML parsers were so permissive💡.

Being strict would have killed the Web!

From that time, I picked up on the habit of closing HTML tags, like <br/>. This is required in XHTML but it isn’t for HTML📝.

This week I read the article by Jake Archibald: ‘The case against self-closing tags in HTML’ 📰

It made me realize that I had been doing it wrong all those years💭.

<br> is the correct way✅!

Even an old-timer like me can update their mental software! 😄🧠


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