Emails received a Power Up

by Aug 17, 2022

Have you sent emails with a snapshot of the status that you wished for would always show the latest status instead of a snapshot of the time the email was sent?

You share action items are discussing a paragraph of text through email and wouldn’t it be nice if you can just update this information, without sending it back and forth?

Microsoft has silently released a new feature; In Outlook they added a button which allows you to add a Loop component. See also First things to know about Loop components ( It’s also been added to Microsoft Teams, see Send a Loop component in Teams chat (

By adding a Loop component to your email, you are adding a small section that can be edited by everyone. You can also copy a link to that section onto other communication channels.

It’s an interesting feature and I’m very keen to see how it’s being picked up by users. Is this something that is really going to be use or not? Would you use it?

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