Entitled Open-Source Users!

by Aug 10, 2023

Entitled Open-Source Users!

Yesterday, I touched on Moq…

It had included a ‘SponsorLink’, causing a bit of a stir with email fiddling. 📧

Its purpose? Simple… to check if you’ve sponsored Moq. If not, consider a warning message in your build. 🚨

Now, don’t get me wrong – asking for sponsorship isn’t bad, but this may not be the route I would take. Regardless, kudos to the developer, kzu, for trying something new. 🎯

Fear not, it’s already removed in patch v4.20.2. 👍

Then, I shifted through the comments…

Wow, what a wave of entitlement! Some folks, full of complaints, claiming lost trust and demanding fixes… all directed at kzu, who’s put his spare time and family sacrifices into this free-to-use library! 🖥️

The sad part? None of the folks sponsored Moq. None ask their company for some sponsership. Instead, a surplus of demands. 😔

12 years and not a SINGLE sponsorship or donation for Moq? 📆 None, except from Amazon (AWS) once! Far too many enterprise companies, Microsoft included, utilize Moq without contributing.

Something is wrong… and it needs to be fixed in the dotnet open-source landscape. 😥


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