Ever heard of LOGAF?

by Sep 7, 2023

Ever heard of LOGAF?

LOGAF stands for ‘Level of Giving a Fuck’ and, trust me, it’s not just a fancy term. It’s a life-altering philosophy you’ll want to embrace.

Rewind to my youthful days, armed to the hilt, ready to challenge, ready to combat. The battleground? Anything that came my way. Tasks, implementations, arbitrary guidelines, architectures, technology, code reviews, you name it.

Looking back, it was a waste of energy. Energy devoted to endless debates triggered by my relentless quest for what I assumed was perfection.

Reality check✔️ – most of those battles were inconsequential. They didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

As I grew older, I began to figure that just because you CAN have an opinion on everything, it doesn’t mean you SHOULD. It’s all about picking your battles.

Age brought tranquility. It mellowed me down. It made me less of a prick, more approachable.

Every confrontation, I now start with the question❓- Is it worth my time? Does it add any value?

Becoming a parent added another layer to my understanding. My LOGAF plummeted further. Believe me, you need to lower your LOGAF, unless you want your kids to drive you up the wall.

Bottom line, choose your battles wisely. Not everything deserves your precious energy.

Now, take a moment to reflect – What’s your LOGAF?


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