Four stages to automation:

by Nov 29, 2023

Four stages to automation:

  1. 🗑️ The Reclaim Stage

Dispose of the activities yielding minimal outcomes. You may need to remove unnecessary apps from your phone or reluctantly say goodbye to less fruitful clients.

  1. 📑 The Document Stage

Create a written Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) ✍️ for recurring tasks. These can include your bi-weekly office meet-ups, monthly financial forecasts, or sporadic client onboarding processes.

  1. 🤝 The Delegate Stage

Invite contractors to operate your SOPs. Empower them to enhance the SOP, provided they keep it updated.

  1. 🤖 The Automate Stage

Integrate software automations 🔄 to take over. Ranging from linking systems via no-code solutions like Zapier or recruiting a developer for customized code 💻.

Productivity is just four stages away. Will you take the step towards effortless efficiency? 👣


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