Hiring a car in Bali

by Oct 21, 2022

On holiday you want as little friction as possible.

Yesterday I wrote about the unwritten traffic rules in Bali and that they remove a lot of friction when driving.

But my advice is not to drive yourself in Bali or any other place in Asia: Always hire a car with a driver!

Why? Because it eliminates a lot of friction that you may not considered at first hand.

A driver will be faster, will know his way around, knows where and when it is possible to park and will wait at the car and watch your belongings at all times.

Often the driver will become a good companion and tour guide for your day trip. And after a full day of visiting temples, watching monkeys, going to the beach, you will be happy that it is not you who is sitting behind the steering wheel.

And if something happens with the car, it won’t be you who gets the blame.

We rented a car for a day with a driver for around Rp 550.000 which is around € 35 euros. A small amount to remove a lot of friction on your holiday.

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