How To become A Dynamics 365 / Power App Developer

by Aug 16, 2022

Simple advice to become Dynamics 365 / Power App Developer when you are a .NET Developer

  • Learn about Entities first, they are like SQL tables with some restrictions and a lot of metadata
  • Power Apps Maker ( is like an SQL Manager studio / editor for your Entities
  • Start from the outside: Leverage the WebAPI first to talk to entities from your own application code
  • Use the Microsoft.PowerPlatform.Dataverse.Client package instead of making your own request to WebAPI
  • Most column data types are normal but learn how to handle the unique EntityReference (=Lookup aka foreign key) and OptionSetType (=like an enum) in Dataverse.

Becoming an expert in Dynamics 365 / Power App Developer is just getting to know Entities (=tables)!

What’s your best piece of advice?


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