I almost never Debug my code.

by Apr 30, 2024

I almost never Debug my code.

Somehow this is strange in the eyes of fellow developers. They can’t image coding without a debugger.

For example, I have never felt the need to attach a debugger to a deployed Dynamics 365 Plugin. Never!

Ok, one time. I wanted to know how to debug remotely into a Dynamics 365 environment.

I see some developers hooked on debuggers; they have a tough time coding without it.

How do I do it? Four ways:

1️⃣ Deducing

I can pretty well deduce how code works, just by looking at it and reasoning about it.

I even started programming using pen and paper, before I even had a PC. I was eagerly saving money to buy one.

2️⃣ Defensive programming

Always validate inputs into your code. Handle them by having good defaults or throw an exception with a good description of the issue.

When a bug occurs, the exception is so descriptive that I don’t need to debug to fix the issue.

3️⃣ Testing

For things that are harder to deduce or are more complex, I create tests. I test what I think should happen and verify this.

Test all the possible scenarios that you can think of.

3️⃣ Logging

I log extensively. My assumption when doing logging, is that I am not allowed to have access to the server or the machine of the user.

I often log at places where a clear next step in my code happens. Usually, the place where you would place a breakpont for the debugger.

I log as much useful information as possible so, assuming that I am not allowed to start a debug session.

When a bug happens, the logs tell me a lot about the location of the issue and how to solve it.

Often the Logging section on my Azure bill is the biggest part of a solution.

And yes, sometimes I also use a debugger, when the above ways all failed to help me out, but it doesn’t happen often.

Are you addicted to your debugger?

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