I like to take Continuous Delivery to the extreme!

by May 1, 2023

I like to take Continuous Delivery to the extreme!

I was always feeling friction doing ALM. Following the so-called best practices of others.

Practices which are often based on not trusting each other. Adding more environments as stages, adding approval steps, doing pull request, branching.

People like David Farley give me insight into where the friction came from. Causing longer feedback cycles. Longer time to deliver.

How extreme am I?

❌ No branching

✅ Commit to master (main)

❌ No Pull Requests

✅ Deploy on every commit

❌ Limit stages (environments) to Production

✅ Acceptance testing in Production

❌ No rollback of deployment (instead fix it with a new deployment)

✅ If tests are successful, auto deploy to Production

Or is this too extreme?


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