Is Campaign still being used in Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM)?

by Feb 27, 2024

Is Campaign still being used in Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM)?

Campaign management has already been a long time in Dynamics 365 Sales, but is it still being used out in the wild?

You can create a Campaign as a container for actions. You can add a Marketing List as a target for your actions.

Add one or more marketing activities to the Campaign, for example an Email Activity to send a Newsletter to your target list.

Does anyone use multiple marketing activities? Do you think it is useful?

You can track responses like open email, click of an email link, unsubscribe, conversion, attend an event, etc.

These responses can be converted into (existing) lead, opportunity, order, or quote. Do users still use this feature?

It feels to me a little bit clunky and outdated. What do you think?

And what if you use an external Bulk Email Provider like MailChimp or Spotler Mail+? Do you want to see these external mailings as a Campaign?


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