Kindle is a life changer

by Aug 11, 2022

Kindle is a life changer for me! It removed the friction of reading for me.

I like to read books, but somehow, I never can find the time to read them. I always had excuses. Most of the time I read books when I am on holiday. Sitting on the terras of your holiday house, with a beautiful view, a drink and an enjoyable book is my way of relaxing and taking time off.

Two months ago, I bought a Kindle and it has changed my reading habits so much. Almost every night a read, when I go to bed, I read for 30min before sleeping.

I could have done this also with a physical book, but the friction of a Kindle is so low that I really do it. Also being able to read at night without lights helps a lot, so I don’t disturb my spouse.

Whenever I see an interesting book throughout the day, it is being bought in 1-click and when I pick my Kindle up later in the day, it’s already there.

There are not a lot of devices that have made such an impact on my life and are such value for money, only my coffee machine can surpass this πŸ˜‰.

What is the device or gadget that changed your live habits?

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