LINQPad for writing C# snippets

by Dec 20, 2022

Sometimes I want to write a small C# snippet to test or check an idea.

But it is too much effort to start up Visual Studio (Code) or Rider and create a console app.

Even when I have any of these editors open, it is still much of a hassle. It’s often not even worth writing a test case for it.

LINQPad is an ancient tool, originally created to quickly write LINQ queries, but it is also perfect to write dotnet code (C#/F#/VB).

It’s my go to tool for writing C# snippets and just run them.

It’s eliminating friction for me, so I bought the tool. Buying gives, me intellisense (and debugging). You only realize how dependent you are on intellisense when you don’t have it 🤣.

What’s your favorite tool that solves a tiny problem?

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