My 7 favorite code review AI prompts:

by Feb 22, 2024

My 7 favorite code review AI prompts:

I often work in two separate modes when coding: Writing and Reviewing.

In reviewing (editing) I focus on cleaning up, shortening and improving the code. I use the following AI prompts:

1️⃣ Suggest Refactoring. Proposes too much breaking up a method into multiple tiny methods for my liking, but sometimes it gives a valuable insight.

2️⃣ Find Problems My code is flawless of course, but what better way to ask AI if it agrees.

3️⃣ Simplify Often code can be written simpler if you take a closer look. Propose shorter code or even one-liners.

4️⃣ Propose Better Name Naming is hard. I just ask AI to propose five names which would be a better fit.

5️⃣ Improve Performance Often code is already good enough and it proposes micro-optimizations. But once in a while it detects a performance issue, which is often easy to solve.

6️⃣ Write Documentation Often forgotten and time consuming but it helps other devs a lot. Let AI do it!

7️⃣ Write Commit Message AI now writes all my commits. It is so much better than me. Try it!

What is your favorite code review AI prompt?


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