Naming of your methods

by Apr 10, 2023

Good naming of your methods can solve a lot of customer issues.

I use NServiceBus as messaging framework in dotnet. I was using a method of this framework, which wasn’t doing what I was expected.

NServiceBus uses a UnitOfWork pattern when sending messages. I was using the method RequireImmediateDispatch(), This flags NServiceBus to dispatch messages immediate, instead of sending them at the end of the UnitOfWork.

Apparently, there is also a method to check if this flag is set. This method is called RequiredImmediateDispatch(). Did you see the problem?

I didn’t. It is only different by one letter.

I used the wrong one in my code and that resulted in strange behavior that I couldn’t explain.

In NServiceBus 8 this method is now renamed to IsImmediateDispatchSet() which hopfully prevents my mistake happing to other users.

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