.NET 8 and C# 12 are here! What is in it for me?

by Nov 15, 2023

.NET 8 and C# 12 are here! What is in it for me?

I’m still surprised how much performance increase they can get out of it in each version, and .NET 8.0 is no different. Being open source is really starting to pay off.

I’m not so into the Blazor stuff. For me HTMX is the future.

The new Frozen collections are interesting to play with.

dotnet publish (and dotnet pack) now built by default in Release mode.

I really like Records and I am happy that Primary constructors are also been added to Classes.

Collection expressions is my favorite new feature of them all. Some other languages had this for a long time.

Interesting to see how ‘Alias any type’ is going to work out in C#.

Installing now….

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