.NET Blazor SSR looks very promising

by Nov 20, 2023

.NET Blazor SSR looks very promising

I was not so into Blazor client-side, I didn’t see it as a proper alternative to existing JavaScript frameworks, like React.

But I didn’t like these JavaScript frameworks. For most websites it is overkill. Most websites needed only a little bit of interaction.

Then HTMX started to get traction. I build an ASP.NET Razor + HTMX website and I love it.

Now Blazor SSR is here, and it behaves a lot like HTMX! You code and create components on the server side, but it allows you to sprinkle it with the interactivity that JavaScript gives you. Plus, it’s well integrated into the ASP.NET stack.

For most people ASP.NET Blazor is enough, and they don’t need to insert React into the mix.

I’m suddenly a fan of Blazor, which I didn’t expect!


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