One-line User Stories

by Mar 23, 2023

One-line user stories, like As a User I want to push a button So that it is pushed”

I cringe when this is the only statement in a user story. Why? Because someone once told them User Stories needs to be short and concise.

This doesn’t mean it needs to be a one liner.

To make a User Story better, add on the following sections:

✅ A background story, describe the current situation. Describe issues in the current situation: Why is it hurting us?

✅ Describe the persona, the type or role of the user (or link to it)

✅ Describe the desired new situation and how it would help and who it would help. Describe the benefit or value. Also try to describe the cost when not executing this User Story.

✅ Add acceptance criteria. What means “done” for this User Story.

Adding these sections will make your User Stories so much better and easier to implement.

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