Playing with Microsoft Kiota

by Mar 6, 2024

Playing with Microsoft Kiota

I needed to create a strong typed client in C# based on a OpenAPI or Swagger definition.

I like these generated models, it makes programming to a API in C# so much easier.

Previously I always went for Azure AutoRest. But Microsoft Kiota is the new kid on the block, so I wanted to try this out.

Installing the tool:

dotnet tool install –global Microsoft.OpenApi.Kiota

Generating a client from an OpenAPI spec:

kiota generate -l CSharp -c MyOwnClient -n AV.Namespace -d api.json -o ./

Creating the client worked on the first try, so it’s very promising.

Kiota doesn’t have an OAuth2 (Password) authentication provider out-of-the-box, but creating a custom one was very easy.

I did some API calls using my generated client and it worked like a charm. Great first try-out!

Are you using Microsoft Kiota? If not, what are you using?


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