Power Platform Wave 1 2023

by Feb 2, 2023

6 features of Wave 1 2023 that caught my attention as an automation expert:

✅ Introduction of three new messages: CreateMultiple, UpdateMultiple, and UpsertMultiple.

Optimizing bulk data operations. Apply business logic to all the records in the operation. The advice is to use these messages instead of the Create and Update messages. Also, Dataverse internal logic will move to these new messages to have an performance benefit.

✅ Receive real-time notifications in Power Apps.

It’s not very clear what this feature will bring, but I hope the In-app notifications will be more real-time. Currently there can be quite a delay. Also, it talks about External notifications to third-party applications, which could be interesting, together with push notification on the mobile.

✅ Include dependent assemblies with plug-ins.

This feature was already available as preview and is now finally released. No more using ILMerge.

✅ Associate activities with other activities.

This small little nugget can have big implications. With this feature, you can associate activity records with other activity records (for example, a Teams chat with a task). Could be a shift in thinking when developing solutions with activities.

✅ Make solution export source code repository friendly.

Only interesting for the developer under us. Currently you need to treat the unpacked XML files from a solution as binary because branching and merging is useless with them. I always call these files: binary XML files 🤪. Hopefully, Microsoft has made some improvement in this!

✅ Instantly revoke users and enforce IP restriction.

Using continuous access evaluation (CAE) with Azure AD policies, security is being improved. We can IP restricted users now when they are using Dynamics 365 or Power Apps.

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