Say goodbye to Feedly 👋 – there’s a new powerhouse tool in play! 🚀

by Jan 23, 2024

Say goodbye to Feedly 👋 – there’s a new powerhouse tool in play! 🚀

Google Reader used to be my go-to, but when it got axed in 2013, I found myself at a loss 😟. Enter Feedly, the perfect balm to soothe the Google Reader-shaped wound in my heart 💔.

But, new tides bring new tools 🛠️ and I’ve just discovered ReadWise Reader – a game-changer 💥 for all you power readers out there 📚.

Its prowess goes beyond mere article-saving. It takes you on a journey 🏞️ to enhance your reading experience and boost comprehension and retention. The perks of stepping into the ReadWise Reader universe? Here you go:

  1. Robust Highlighting: Born from a service built to save highlights from a raft of sources, ReadWise Reader offers an impressive array of highlighting features. Be it images, tables or rich text, nothing’s off bounds.

  2. Saving YouTube Videos: Fancy saving YouTube videos and highlighting the transcript? ReadWise Reader has you covered.

  3. Text-to-Speech: Want your articles read out loud on the go? ReadWise Reader’s text-to-speech feature is a godsend 🎧.

  4. Customizable: Designed to align with your thinking patterns, ReadWise Reader lets you save everything in one place and highlight like a pro, effectively replacing a bunch of your existing apps 📲.

It’s time to take your reading game up a notch ⬆️. Ready to make the switch?


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