Scrum conceals bad teams.

by Jun 17, 2024

Scrum conceals bad teams.

Far too often, we confuse Scrum with a magic wand that transforms any team into a high-performing ‘dream team’.

It’s tempting to believe that the sprint system, with its regular completion and initiation of tasks, gives us an agile and collaborative team.

Look closer. If the team was dysfunctional to start with, Scrum merely conceals the issues.

From the outside, the team appears to be a well-oiled machine. They’re closing tasks. They’re planning new ones. They’re meeting frequently. Surely, they’re effective, right?


In reality, these activities often end up being a smokescreen. They create an illusion of productivity and cooperation.

Poor performing teams can hide behind a veneer of ‘busy-ness’ and ‘teamwork’, while significant issues remain unaddressed.

The cost? Time. Developers burn hours in meetings, tasks and troubleshooting just to maintain this facade.

But why should we allow this to continue?

It’s time to look beyond the surface. Let’s confront the illusion!


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