Scrum has to many rules

by Nov 30, 2022

I am starting to hate Scrum.

8 years ago, I started with Scrum, and I was a fan.

It removed friction of writing down everything before implementing and it gave the team way of saying no to too much work.

Now it’s become a project methodology for managers to control the team.

It was supposed to be a set of guidelines to improve communication, focus and creating value.

The idea of all those meetings was to improve communication until people started to do it naturally. When you reach that point, the meetings become useless because everyone is already informed.

Then the artificial time constraints. A deadline every two weeks for whom? Everyone rushing at the end of the sprint, losing quality out of sight, just to have their tasks done.

When the sprint ends, we need to start a new one with as many features as possible to deliver. An endless treadmill where refactoring and experimentation slowly dies.

Scrum is starting to limit teams.

It needs fewer rules.

It should become Kanban.

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