Some Canvas Apps shouldn’t exist!

by Dec 11, 2023

Some Canvas Apps shouldn’t exist!

I encounter countless Canvas Power Apps that implement parts of processes. Their magic lies in their ability to polish specific use cases in the quest of process optimization.

Yet, there’s a dark side to this digital revolution that’s worth contemplating.

Sometimes, these shimmering apps are built solely to monitor and control employees.

Remember when we first rode the wave of digitalization?

Our paper registration forms were replaced by downloadable PDFs – a simple transformation, not a game-changing innovation.

Now, isn’t creating digital clones of approval steps with Canvas Apps similar to that first wave? A mimicry of the analog world in digital form – not a true leap forward.

Let’s cast off those digital shackles. Trust your employees more. Equip them with tools, like AI, to make informed decisions, ones that are beneficial for the company.

The aim should not be to create more Canvas apps but to automate approvals and declutter the workspace.

Isn’t it time we embrace the spirit of innovation and lean into trust instead of control?

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