The End Of Schooling As We Know It?

by Nov 10, 2023

The End Of Schooling As We Know It?

It’s not about textbooks and classrooms anymore. For me, it’s all about YouTube these days.

Sure, it might seem like the land of cat videos and viral dance challenges at first. Dig a bit deeper, and you’ll find a goldmine.

Accessible knowledge in every conceivable field – from rocket science to global politics. It’s like an endless sea, speckled with gleaming nuggets of insight. Follow the trail, and who knows where you could end up!

It’s clear to everyone that traditional mediums are taking their last breaths. Schools, I believe, are following a similar path.

Remote learning, a dire necessity during the COVID pandemic, stripped schools of their USP: personal interaction and networking.

Distant classrooms, exorbitant fees. Students are starting to question the value they’re receiving.

The boat has definitely sailed away from the traditional belief that knowledge is only bound within the walls of a school. Today’s institutions of learning need to up their game to contend with platforms like YouTube and the plethora of online communities.

And the circle doesn’t stop at just absorbing knowledge.

Teachers aren’t just bound to the chalkboard anymore. Their stage is as big as the digital world allows. YouTube has democratized education, giving everyone the chance to share, debate, and influence.

What does this mean for conventional schools? The end?


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