The Power of queues!

by Nov 6, 2023

The Power of queues!

Worker Queues have been added to Power Automate. To me this is an extremely exciting update to the Power Platform.


It introduces Power Makers to the power of queues.

What power am I talking about?

When I learned programming, there were some major steppingstones in my knowledge in my career.

One of them was Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and especially in the context of Domain Driven Design.

Another one was bulk data integration and dimensional modeling in the context of building Datawarehouses.

The latest one was Queues, or especially Asynchronous Messaging Architectures.

Queues make it possible to decouple systems, by creating a buffer between a producer and a consumer system / process.

Suddenly you could scale your producing process independently of the consumer process.

At the same time, the process also becomes more robust against failures and systems that are down. A task is just waiting in the queue until the system is up.

This fundamentally changed the way how I design solutions and how I program.

Hopefully Work Queues will also change how people will make Power Automate Flows, make them more scalable and robust.

What do you think?

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