Useless Surface Headphones 2.

by Nov 17, 2023

Useless Surface Headphones 2.

I bought the Surface Headphones 2. Innovation with the dial ring, an office lifesaver. Part of my daily gear I use.

The marketing promised me easy-to-replace ear buds. And boy, was it!

But here’s the catch. Two years on, the buds perished and guess what? Microsoft falls short on delivering replacements.

They have been out-of-stock for 1.5 years…

Suddenly, my €250 gear is robbed of its utility. Completely useless

The real damage? Trust.

My takeaway? Stock on spare parts while your high-ticket items are fresh off the shelf. Who knows? That flourishing business could be out-of-business when you need them the most.

How many of you have shared similar experiences?


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