Using Basic Authentication in Exchange?

by Aug 29, 2022

Using Basic Authentication in Exchange? From Okt 1 that will not be possible anymore!

Someone that has been looming for a while is happening starting from Oktober 1: Depreciation of Basic Authentication in Exchange Online.

See the blog post of the Exchange team for tips and how to see if you are affected:

What is Basic Auth?

It is one of the simpelst way of authentication using an Authorization header in your HTTP request. The header contains the word Basic, followed by a space and a base64-encoded string username: password.

For example, to authorize as username / Pa$$w0rd the client would send:

Authorization: Basic AXVubzpwQDU1dzByYM==

Base64 encoding does not mean encryption or hashing! You can reverse encode it! So, you are basically sending your credentials as clear text over the line!!! That is why it isn’t a safe way if the connection is not encrypted. So always use an HTTPS connection when using this or much better use a different authentication method.


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