Want a powerful trick for better acceptance criteria? πŸ€”

by Apr 24, 2023

Want a powerful trick for better acceptance criteria? πŸ€”

I often see Backlog Items without acceptance criteria, while the team is asking for them in every retrospective meeting. πŸ˜₯

Often the problem is not unwillingness but not knowing how to write them. πŸ“

πŸ’‘Tip: Write them as scenarios in Given-When-Then style! πŸ“‹

Think about how you would validate what is being delivered. How do you expect it to work? Write these expectations in a Given-When-Then style.

❓What is the Given-When-Then style
1️⃣ Given {context before the action (preconditions and initial state) πŸ”}
2️⃣ When {some action is carried out πŸš€}
3️⃣ Then {expected changes (outcomes) 🎯}

βœ… Example scenario: Borrow Book
1️⃣ Given Book that has not been checked out
And User who is registered on the system
2️⃣ When User checks out a book
3️⃣ Then Book is marked as checked out

Try this tip next time you’re writing acceptance criteria πŸš€

Do you have tips for writing better acceptance criteria?


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