What can you do to make C# greener?

by Jan 11, 2023

Since C# 10 (.NET 6.0) arrived my code looks much cleaner. Less code is less waste, which is good for the environment!

C# 10 achieved this with top-level statements, global using directives and file-scoped namespace declaration.

It’s even spin off a new fresh way of creating Web API’s: Minimal API.

But what can you do to make C# greener?

❌ remove the public access modifier on classes, structs and records. By default, when creating a class, it’s public. This is often not what you want, so remove it and it will default back to internal.

❌ remove the private access modifier on members. Private is already the default for members, so remove it. At first it will look strange but give it a couple of days.

πŸ’‘ Tip: Change the code inspection in ReSharper or Rider from explicit to implicit to help you!

βœ… use records for DTO’s. Your code becomes cleaner, by writing less plumbing code. You also get better logging for free, because the ToString() shows the value of each member.

βœ… use switch expressions and pattern matching, when possible, to simplify your code. Combine these two for the ultimate cleanup.

What are your tips to make C# greener?

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