When to create a Custom Activity?

by Mar 14, 2024

When to create a Custom Activity?

I’m always very reluctant to create Custom Activities. They come with a lot of bagage.

Their stretch is excessively big, creating a lot of relations in all kinds of entities. Once you create a Custom Activity it’s kind of permanent: no walking back on your decision.

My rules before adding a Custom Activity: – is it a real action (start/end/status) – is it really core to your business, and it’s here to stay

What are your rules for adding Custom Activities?

Today I am torn how to add Marketing Interactions: Entity vs Activity?

Marketing Interactions are more like Events, like Email Opened, Email Clicked, Page Visited, Unsubscribed, Form Submitted, etc..

It could be nice to show time in the Timeline of a Contact, but it can also overflow the Timeline, pushing away more important activities.

Would you want to see these Interactions in the Timeline? Or is having a separate sub grid good enough?


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