Why is the Power App Team not focusing more on the core features?

by Apr 17, 2023

Why is the Power App Team not focusing more on the core features?

Recently Pipelines feature was released. My first reaction was looks nice, but why? Why put so much effort into an edge feature, which is ‘solved’ already by the community.

Why not put this effort to fix and upgrade current features in Power Apps. Solve real customer needs.

When is the new command bar editor going to be finished? I want to use it for existing buttons and different scopes.

When is Business Rules getting it much needed upgrade? Preferably with Power FX.

When can I create synchronous Flows to replace classic Workflows?

When can I start a Flow or open a Custom Page from a button without JavaScript?

When can I add Instant Flows to a Solution?

When is there a satisfactory solution to replace Dialogs?

By improving some of the core features, it would make the platform as a whole so much easier to work with.


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