You want to skip tests programmatically in xUnit?

by Feb 23, 2024

You want to skip tests programmatically in xUnit?

You can’t do it. xUnit doesn’t allow it.

The annoying thing it is already been added to the codebase of xUnit in the start 2020 (see

It is planned for xUnit v3… which is still in preview four years later.

Luckly there is the xUnit.SkippableFact nuget package (see )

This package makes it possible to skip a test, depending on a specific condition.

Replace [Fact] or [Theory] with there skippable counterparts: [SkippableFact] or [SkippableTheory]

Then aad the following line in the test: Skip.If([condition]) or Skip.IfNot([condition])

I use it for some specific integration tests that only work under certain conditions.

Try it!


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