Can you trust an employee to make a photocopy?

by Dec 13, 2023

Can you trust an employee to make a photocopy?

Imagine my surprise when I was renewing my visa in Malaysia. They had a unique rule.

Civil servants couldn’t photocopy my passport. The reason? Let’s not go there. All I knew was I was left to my own devices.

So, burdened with the task, I produced my own photocopy.

Sounds simple enough, right? Not quite.

This is where the real kicker comes in. The civil servant couldn’t just compare the photocopy with my passport. That would be too easy, too logical.

Instead, I was directed to a notary. The task? To validate the authenticity of my photocopy. This notary, a stranger, was to inspect, stamp, and sign the photocopy, essentially providing a seal of authenticity.

Armed with this ‘real’ photocopy (and a lighter wallet, thanks to the notary’s fee), I was finally able to progress.

A full day of red tape later, I emerged victorious. My visa – renewed.

Now, how about you? Have you faced such bewildering experiences and regulations in your line of work or personal life? Do share!


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