From Scrum to Kanban

by Dec 1, 2022

I use Kanban instead of Scrum. Much simpler.

By removing two main things from Scrum we have Kanban:

❌ Sprints
❌ Tasks

When you have Continuous Delivery working then you can release anytime. With Continuous Deployment you are releasing every change. You don’t need the arbitrair schedule that Sprints give you.

Tasks are used to split up Backlog Items and to show progress. This progress is often shown on a board with columns Todo, In Progress and Done.

Often, I can’t split my Backlog Items into smaller tasks. Or they became tasks that represent a phase in the process, like Analyse, Implement, Test, Deploy.

Instead of tasks, use columns to show the progress. Put the Backlog Item in the right column to represent its status.

Do you need multiple steps for a Backlog Item? Add a Todo-list to the Backlog Item and flag the steps you already have done.

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