Listening accomplishes more than speaking

by Sep 26, 2022

Listening accomplishes more than speaking

I see people falling into the same trap every time. I still even fall for it sometimes. They start talking when they should listen.

When introducing your service or product
Starting with what your product fixes when you never ask your customer what the problem is.
💡Ask the follow-up-question: ‘Why do you think my product will fix your problem?’

When closing deals
Your customer doesn’t raise objections, but you assume he must have them, so you are countering them.
💡Don’t assume that the customer thinks you are expensive.

When a customer has an issue
Your customer is giving feedback and criticism. Don’t defend or throw excuses, even if you think the customer is wrong.
💡Feedback = Caring

With friends and family
Your spouse is venting, you want to tell her what to do. She just wants to be heard and get it off her chest.
💡Free marriage tip!☝️

We talk because we think it’s helping. it isn’t!

Do you remember situations where listening would be the better option?

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