.NET 7 dynamic recompilation

by Sep 1, 2022

.NET 7 is coming out soon. Where .NET 6 is known for its big performance improvement, the idea was that this big step couldn’t be done again.

But .NET 7 comes with a feature that dynamically optimizes your running code.

The JIT compiler is already incredibly good at optimizing your code, but this takes time, so a balance needed to be found between fast startup time and optimization.

Now not anymore! With .NET 7 your app now has an extremely fast startup time, starting with unoptimized code (and added tracing). Then the optimizer kicks in and has all the time to do its best work on your code, recompiles and then dynamically replaces parts of your running code.

.NET 7 also comes with some new optimizations that the JIT compiler can use to optimize your code, which makes .NET 7 also a big step in performance.

For more info see Performance Improvements in .NET 7

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