The New Outlook?

by Jun 6, 2024

The New Outlook?

The new outlook desktop client is basically the web version, which is a strange approach by Microsoft.

You are not using the benefits of being a Windows application, like more integration into the OS.

Power Users are complaining about the loss of features in the new Outlook desktop client.

I’m ok with the new client, I had no problem using the web version and the desktop version is the same.

Apparently, I’m not a Power User?

Still there are a couple of features that I am missing from the old desktop client.

One is the option to copy-paste calendar events. I used this a lot when planning.

There is an option to right-click and select Duplicate event, but that is very cumbersome.

Another feature I’m missing is ordering Folders. They are always sorted alphabetic.

What are the features you are missing in the new Outlook?


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